Defined as the insertion of very thin needles into areas of the body described as acupuncture points, to promote wellness, this healing method has existed for thousands of years. It is used to treat various kinds of pain conditions, systemic illness, and imbalances of the energy system and more. Providing long term vitality and wellness can be the goal of an acupuncture treatment plan in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Gary Brown offers this service and other Traditional Chinese Medicines. Our Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Cathleen MacDonald and Dr. Sandra Murphy offer this service from a traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. It can be effective for pain relief and it is also very effective when trying to bring the body back into a more balanced state.

Acupuncture Practitioners

You can book appointments with Dr.Cathleen Macdonald through her webpage. For Dr Sandra Murphy online booking is available or call 902-429-3303 to contact the health centre for an appointment or more information. Email:

More on Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nova Scotia Association of Acupunturists

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