Kimberly Robertson B.Sc.Kin

Born and raised in Eastern Ontario, Kimberly has always had a passion for health and wellness. As an avid athlete in a variety of sports all of her life, she was drawn to movement, rehabilitation and aiding to improve the health of those around her. Having had many injuries of her own she was drawn to this field while gaining knowledge and awareness in her own body through rehabilitating her own injuries. Upon graduating from the BSc Kinesiology program at Dalhousie University in 1999, Kimberly returned to Ontario to practice for 12 years. Over her 12 years in Ottawa she expanded her practice to include becoming trained as a yoga teacher, furthering her education in the areas of rehabilitation, disability management and athletic training. She continues her quest of continuing education and exploration of holistic health practices. She has continued her path while moving from Ottawa to St John’s Newfoundland from 2011-2016 and from Newfoundland to Halifax in early 2016.

Having a deep passion and interest in holistic health and wellness, Kimberly works with the interrelationships within the body to achieve balance. She’s ready to inspire others to experience the same benefits that holistic health practices have brought her in her personal life. She is so excited to explore her approach to holistic health with you and be a part of the growing community here in Halifax.

Kimberly a student Osteopath with RITMA, a Registered Kinesiologist and Manual Therapist (Osteopathic Techniques). In her private practice she has skills and expertise to provide Naturopathic/Naturotherapist Consultations and work with Osteopathic Techniques, Exercise Programs, Ergonomic Assessments, Rehabilitation, and Yoga. She is a fifth year graduate of Osteopathy at the CCO/CEO in Halifax and is a current Thesis Writer with a defence date of May 2018. Her other interests include a love for cooking, outdoor sports/activity, and pottery.